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Modern by design, our BRODIE BENCH is defined by it's clean lines - a beautifully simple and minimalist garden bench. A solid and heavy bench made from larch beams with a hand rubbed oil finish, the BRODIE BENCH has a contrasting base of two simple squared supports which are made either from painted larch or galvanised metal, completing the contemporary design. The appearance of the bench can be customised depending on your choice of legs and their colour. The BRODIE BENCH comes in 2 sizes: the BRODIE 2.3 or the BRODIE 1.8.


2300mm L / 420mm W / 270mm H.

Price: £1,200


1800mm L / 420mm W / 270mm H.

Price: £900

Note: Delivery available at cost.


The natural wood is exposed allowing it to be turned to evenly age each side.

• Made from Larch, known for it's longevity and durability.

• The size, angle and symmetry of the legs provide a stark contrast to the substantive bench in addition to providing the main stability under the weight of the main bench.

• A 25mm dowel (either metal or wooden) between the beams maintains the structure of the bench.

• Hand rubbed with oil, specially designed for outdoor furniture, provides protection from the elements.

  The oil finishing is a three-day process. A coat of oil is sprayed on and wiped by hand and left for at least 24 hours. The piece is then sanded and re-coated. This process is repeated twice. The end result is a luxurious and natural look and feel.

• The BRODIE BENCH is easy to maintain and will age naturally over time.


MANTILLA HOME DESIGN is dedicated to offering a superior product handmade in Scotland. We enjoy designing furniture and installations for many uses and locations. Please contact us directly should you wish to discuss a specific idea.

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