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Ecuadorian qualified architect who has developed homes and buildings in styles ranging from eclectic, contemporary modern through to the renovation of aged timber-framed buildings. Examples range from a, magazine featured, contemporary “Barndominium” built in Houston, TX, to the complete restoration of an acclaimed 1930s, 2,200 seat Art-Deco Theatre that had been destroyed by fire in Quito, Ecuador.



Private Professional Practice


After qualifying in Ecuador and starting as an independent architect in 1989, Bernardo has worked actively on a wide variety of designs and architectural planning, reconstructions and renovations for clients in Ecuador (1988-2009), in the USA (2003-2013) and in the UK (2013-present). 



  • Design and construction oversight of 60 distribution centres for General Tire across South America

  • Design of office and administration buildings for Coca Cola, Ecuador

  • Redesign of the layout of the office buildings for a national newspaper

  • Interior design for retail premises

  • Complete redesign and renovation of multiple theatres, including the famous, A-Listed, Art deco, Bolivar Theatre, Quito, after its tragic destruction in a fire in 1999, in partnership with RVC architects




  • Multiple renovations and extensions of character properties, both wooden and stone, in Ecuador, UK and the US

  • Creative new builds to meet unique customer requirements and specific environments

  • Conversions of agricultural buildings and churches to exclusive residences

  • Renovation of a storage building to a chapel

  • Farm development including substantial farmhouse, worker accommodation, cheese factory, farm manager's house, unique horse stables, high-production cattle sheds.

  • Detailed design and layout of equestrian properties


Architect: Central University of Ecuador - Architecture and Urban Design 1988

Quito - Ecuador

Postgraduate degree in Cultural Affairs and Planning.: University of Gerona - Cultural Affairs and Planning    2002

Gerona (Catalonia), Spain

Bernardo qualified as an architect in the School of Architecture and Urban Studies in Quito-Ecuador, in 1988. He subsequently studied at the University of Gerona in Spain, in 2002/2003, earning a postgraduate degree in Cultural Affairs and Planning.

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