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1920s Farm house renovation -The Green House

Waldeck Texas, USA.

Despite having sat in a field for decades, this incredible house, with the siding hanging off, trees growing through it and the porch supported by planks of wood, oozed character. With original wide-plank walls and floors the accommodation was entirely unsuitable for modern living, with no internal bathroom. The house was bought, for the building itself, and had to be moved approximately 20 miles to a different location. In order to do this, the house was cut in half and transported. This separation and rejoining posed several issues, not least whether it would survive the journey.


The challenge was to retain the exterior Greek Revival architecture and the superb wood throughout the inside, while entirely renovating the  house to make it habitable. Constructed of wood, with wooden framing, wood siding and a steel roof, the house sits on concrete blocks.


The project comprised removing a lean-to porch that had been added with a makeshift bathroom, repurposing the front hall to two bathrooms (one en suite), building wide porches to the front and back, with French doors opening from the living room and the main door from the kitchen. The walls and floors were renovated and restored. The house was completely wired and plumbed and air conditioning added. A new steel roof was installed and the siding was substantially replaced.  Ceiling tiles, hand-painted by the architect, were installed in the kitchen.


Extensive use of wood, steel and natural stone result in the feeling that this house has been on this property since its original construction.

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